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TriRoof is the leading distributor of GRP Roof Trims in the UK and Ireland. We supply for individual and commercial use.

Our Trims are the most competitively priced on the market. We stock a full range of corner, heavy-duty and standard three-metre lengths.

Our GRP Roof Trims go through an extensive quality manufacturing process. This strict process ensures our trims are robust and reliable for any GRP Roof application. Our customers are assured of quality every time.

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GRP Roof Trims
Drip Trims

The Drip Trims, often referred to as the ‘A’ range is fitted to the lowest edge of the roof.

We offer three variations. Each trim varies by its dimensions. The trim required depends on the roof at hand.


  • Girth: 170mm
  • Depth: 65mm


  • Girth: 200mm
  • Depth: 90mm


  • Girth: 250mm
  • Depth: 140mm


Raised Edge Trims

The Raised Edge / Upstand Trims are often referred to as the ‘B’ range. These are fitted to a GRP Roof to prevent water run-off. These work in tandem with the Drip Trims.


Girth: 230mm Depth 105mm


Girth: 260mm Depth: 125mm


Girth: 300mm Depth: 180mm

Simulated Lead Flashing Trims

The Simulated Lead Flashing or ‘C’ range, take the appearance of traditional lead flashing thanks to their dark grey colour. They do not require any Topcoat. 


  • Vertical cover: 100mm
  • Wall penetration: 35mm


  • Vertical cover: 150mm
  • Wall penetration: 35mm


Wall Fillet Trims

The Wall Fillet or ‘D’ range of GRP Roof Trims are normally fitted to a flat roof where it meets an adjoining wall. These are normally used with the Simulated Lead Trims.


  • Girth: 260mm
  • Fillet: 135mm & 70mm
  • Upstand height: 120mm


  • Girth: 260mm
  • Fillet: 175mm & 70mm
  • Upstand height: 120mm
Flat Flashing Trims

The ‘F’ range of Trims are used at the intersection of a pitched roof and on dormer roofs. Flashing Trims do not need to be laminated. Flat Flashing Trims are supplied on a roll in 20 metre lengths.


Width: 300mm


Width 600mm


Width: 900mm

Internal and External Trims

The Internal and External Trims also referred to as the ‘AT’ Trims, are used when the laminate needs to cover an area such as steps.

AT195 External

  • Girth: 195mm
  • Flange widths: 65mm & 105mm

AT195 Internal

  • Girth: 195mm
  • Flange widths: 70mm & 105mm

AT300 External

  • Girth: 300mm
  • Flange widths: 90mm & 240mm


Corner Trims
C1 For use with A200 & B260 Trims to form a left and right-hand corner
C2 For use where a flat roof meets an abutting wall. Used with the A200, B260 & D260 Trims.
C3 Internal Internal Corner Fillet for the D260 Wall Fillet Trim.
C3 External External Corner Fillet Trim for the D260.
C4 Used with the A200 & B260 Trims to create a left and right-hand corner.
C5 Roof Trim Closure for the E280 Trim.
C6 Roof Trim Closure for the E35/40 Trim.
C7 Internal Internal Corner Trim for use with the C100.
C7 External External Corner Trim for use with the C100 & C150 Simulated Lead Flashings.
C8 B For use on expansion joints. Compatible with the E280 & B Trims. 
C9 A For use on expansion joints. Compatible with the E280 & A Trims. 
C11 D For use on expansion joints. Compatible with the E280 & D Trims. 
Specialist GRP Roof Trims

Simulated Rolled Lead Joint E35/40

Used to simulate the appearance of raised rolled lead joints and provides expansion.

  • Girth: 130mm
  • Flanges: 20mm
  • Height: 40mm
  • Roll width: 35mm

Expansion Joint E280

This Trim is recommended for GRP Roofs over 50 square metres. It is used to create rolls on any ridge details. It is compatible with the C5 closure. 

  • Girth: 280mm
  • Flange: 90mm
  • Height 50mm

Gully Trim G180

This G180 Trim is used for expansion in areas over 50 square metres and adding enhanced drainage to a GRP Roof. 

  • Girth: 180mm
  • Flanges: 30mm
  • Depth: 15mm
  • Trough width: 80mm

Soffit Trim S500

The S500 Trim is used to encapsulate a concrete or deck edge.

  • Girth: 450mm
  • Depth: 225mm