Conservatory Flat Roof

Repair & Upgrade

How Adam from Total Fibreglass (West Yorkshire) transformed a failing felt roofed conservatory with the TriRoof GRP Complete System.


TriRoof GRP Complete Roofing System


Total Fibreglass, Yorkshire

Job Requirement

One of our roofing customers, Adam at Total Fibreglass in Yorkshire, was challenged with replacing an entire conservatory roof as the existing felt roof was leaking and causing issues for the homeowners. The customer had previously contacted a local builder to repair their leaking roof, but rather than replacing the roof and ensuring it was watertight, the builder boarded and felted straight over the top of the damaged roof.

This did not solve the homeowners leaking roof and not before long, the roof was causing significant issues and leaking all over again. The original complaint had not been addressed causing significant costs and distress for the homeowner.

Failed Felt Roof requiring upgrade
Failed Felt Roof requiring upgrade

Our Solution

Adam removed the existing felt to expose the warped, damaged, and swollen boards due to water ingress. It was visible from the extent of the damage that these boards need to be replaced.

Adam used new, T&G boards from TriRoof and applied the TriRoof GRP Complete Roofing System and Trims. The system included TriRoof Lloyd’s Approved Resin, Chopped Strand Matting, and our Roofing Topcoat.

After the works had been completed, the customer commented that the extension looked “brand new”.

Upclose view of the damaged boards