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Diisocyanate Training for PU Roofing Products in the UK​:

What you Need to Know

Register Now and Explore Alternatives

Diisocyanate training for polyurethane (PU) roofing products is a crucial aspect of ensuring safety, compliance, and quality within the roofing industry.

In this article, we will delve into the importance of Diisocyanate training, how to register for training with the relevant bodies, and explore an alternative roofing system offered by TriRoof, called HPX, which provides numerous advantages and is non-toxic, made from organic sources.

Diisocyanate Training PU Roofing Products

Understanding Diisocyanate Training

In terms of Roofing, Diisocyanates are a key component in PU (Polyurethane) roofing products and play a vital role in their performance. However, these PU products have the potential to pose health risks if not handled properly. Diisocyanate training is designed to educate roofing professionals about the safe handling, storage, and application of these materials. The training equips individuals with the necessary knowledge to mitigate risks, protect themselves and their colleagues, and ensure the longevity of roofing installations.


Registering for Diisocyanate Training

As of 24 August 2023, adequate training is required before industrial or professional use. To register for training in the UK, individuals and businesses should visit https://www.safeusediisocyanates.eu/.. This website has all of the relevant information required to help users make an informed decision on the training they require.

Moving Towards Diisocyanate Alternatives, TriRoof HPX

While Diisocyanate training is vital for maintaining safe practices within the roofing industry, some customers may be interested in exploring alternative roofing systems that are free from Diisocyanates.
TriRoof offers an innovative solution in the form of HPX, a cutting-edge roofing system that provides several advantages over traditional PU-based products.
TriRoof HPX Hybrid Polymer Roofing Overlay System

Advantages of HPX

TriRoof HPX has become a firm favourite with our customers. It is Non-Toxic and cold applied. It has been formulated from organic sources, making it non-toxic and safe for both installation teams and building occupants. This eliminates most risks associated with handling Diisocyanates and ensures a healthier environment.



Excellent Performance

HPX offers exceptional durability, weather resistance, and thermal insulation properties, ensuring long-lasting and efficient roofing solutions. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, including application to damp surfaces and maintain its structural integrity over an extended period.



Easy Installation and Maintenance

TriRoof’s HPX roofing system is designed for seamless installation, saving time and labour costs. Its low maintenance requirements further reduce long-term expenses while offering reliable protection for the building.
Diisocyanate training is a crucial step in ensuring safety and compliance when working with PU roofing products. Professionals and businesses in the UK should prioritise registering for relevant training courses. However, for those seeking an alternative to Diisocyanate-based roofing systems, TriRoof’s HPX is an excellent choice.



TriRoof HPX, a Safer Alternative

With its non-toxic composition, superior performance, and easy installation and maintenance, HPX provides a compelling roofing solution that prioritises safety, sustainability, and long-term durability. To learn more about HPX and its advantages, contact the TriRoof team to find out more.